5 amazing benefits of regular floating sessions

Are you considering trying your first floating session? Below are some benefits that might just convince you to take the leap!


1.    Think Of It As Meditation

Meditation is not something new, and we have heard of its many benefits. However, most people are clueless when it comes to knowing where to start. They are easily distracted by various external sound in and around their surroundings.

With the floatation tank, you get the first introductory lesson for meditation. You will experience how it feels to switch off, let go of the things that burden you and be in the present. Once you grasp this, you will be able to meditate when you are in different settings.

In your first floatation session, you will discover how to be aware of how you breathe since there are no external stimuli. People that are into floating find it relaxing and a profound way of achieving a deep meditative state without too much effort.

2.    Get Your Weekly Magnesium Fix

Each of the float pod that we have receives more than 600kg of Epsom salt in its water. Magnesium is the most abundant compound present in Epsom salt. It is a mineral that most people lack in their diet.  As such, floating in the magnesium-rich water is one way of ensuring your body gets enough of this essential mineral.

One of the areas in our health, body function and overall wellness that magnesium is vital is in the regulation of enzymes. We also need because it helps us to sleep better, it can prevent cardiovascular complications, and reduces inflammation. Floating in the water with Epsom salt aids in healing aching muscles, tissues, and joints as well as recovery from certain physical injuries.

3.    Promote Endorphin Release

According to the massage therapist at Knead Massage, endorphins help us feel happy and are essential in blocking pain. “The body releases endorphins when we enjoy a hearty laugh, a good massage or engage in a hard workout.” The soothing feeling of floating in a customised tank can help trigger the release of these enzymes that are essential for your health and wellbeing. It can also aid in the release of dopamine.

Regular floating sessions will allow you to get more acquainted and comfortable with the setting attributed to the increased levels of endorphins in your body. It will have you in better moods and bursts of euphoria that can last for hours or days; what we call a “Post Float Glow”.

4.    Boost Your Creative Thoughts

We live in a world full of stimuli that make it hard to find and enjoy a moment of bliss and clarity. It is not uncommon for people that love floating to experience flashes of insights when they are in the float pods. It also helps them have a lucid thought process on how to address their problems and even coming up with solutions that have a profound impact on their development.

Our tanks are designed to be Sensory Deprivation Float pods that offer a stimuli free world that lets your mind wander in deep thought and meditation. If you are searching for something that gives your creative thought process a jolt, then consider floating in our tanks with water that contains Epsom salt.

5.   Enjoy Some ’Me Time’


According to the health retreat specialists at Wellbeing Health Retreats, everyone needs some “me time” to let loose and unwind at their discretion. They say “It can be something they enjoy once a week, fortnight, or monthly. It should be a time to unplug for everything and focus on self.” Unfortunately, the concept of self-care is gradually becoming a rare thing.

But you can manage to find an hour in your busy weekly schedules to spend some time in a float tank. It can be something like enjoying a mini-vacation in which you get to unwind and reset. You will emerge from the float pods feeling refreshed, euphoric, and at peace. A session that lasts about an hour is enough to have you recharged and in an optimal state of wellness.

If you’re interested in giving floating a try, contact The Float Space today to book your first session!


Written by: Justin Lawrence