Welcome to The Float Space 

We are Janina and Felipe, co-founders of The Float Space. The Float Space was created out of passion, enthusiasm and a belief that incorporating floating into your life, can help pretty much anyone who chooses to give it a try.

The float tank is an amazingly simple yet powerful tool that can enhance one’s overall quality of life. It’s like giving you a super power that helps you stay calm, reduce anxiety and manage stress, be pain free, sleep better and simply feel amazing. This translates to all areas of your life and helps you reach peak mental and physical performance.

Our own floating journey really has been life changing. Floating has become such an important part of our lives and it’s so much more to us than a business. We set up The Float Space to help people of all walks of life have access to a healing sanctuary to improve their overall health and wellbeing in a way no other therapy can.

Our Story 

Since Felipe and I (Janina) opened in 2015, we’ve supervised about 20,000 floating sessions.

We’ve had the great pleasure of seeing the massive mental and physical benefits our clients experience — and we’ve experienced them ourselves too.

I spent my youth as an elite athlete in Germany. I’d run, bike and swim hundreds of kilometres every week.

One day, I hit the wall. I literally could not get out of bed, let alone go running or swimming.

Doctors diagnosed me with chronic fatigue syndrome. I spent the next three years fighting to get my strength and energy back.

During my recovery, I discovered floating. No other therapy changed my life more. It let me relax, recover and regain the energy I needed to take control over my training and life.

My partner, Felipe, had a similar experience. Floating helped him recover from nine months of gruelling tendonitis brought on by a hectic career as a chef.

This is why we are so passionate about floating and the positive impact it can have in your life.

When you step out of our float pods, you can expect to feel relaxed, able to concentrate better and more positively creative.

The net result of a one-hour session can be equivalent to a deep, eight-hour sleep.

Whether you’re recovering from an injury, looking to relax, or detoxify your system, our friendly staff create a personalised floating routine to help you achieve your desired result.

Felipe and I are dedicated to spreading the word about floating and its amazing benefits. Because we know what it’s like to struggle with your body and goals and we know how incredible the effects of floating have been for us. Floating has helped me go from bed ridden to healthy, energised and motivated, and both Felipe and I have never been happier.

We hope you get to feel that way too.

Janina & Felipe

Life Is Healthier When You Float

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Our Vision

The Float Space was created with the vision to provide our community with a space that cultivates profound healing in a way that simply can not be found anywhere else.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a clean, relaxed and unique environment where people of all walks of life can access the most advanced methods for achieving deep relaxation, effective recovery and detoxification, while manifesting true healing and enhancing ones overall living experience.

Optimising Your Health

The services we offer belong to the most established ancient healing treatments, while using the most innovative state-of-the-art technologies currently available on the market. We do this because we love it. Our business is built on love. We’re passionate and deeply invested in our services to achieve the best possible outcomes for our clients.

Our Services

Float therapy

Float therapy works wonders for relaxation & recovery. It can relieve chronic pain, balance sleep, boost creativity, accelerate recovery after work outs, jet lag & shift work, leaving you with a euphoric afterglow that can last for days.

Infrared sauna

Infrared therapy is an effective tool for natural healing, fast recovery & prevention. Infrared light purifies the cells which in turn produces a host of anti-aging health benefits.


Our unique float & massage package is an amazingly relaxing & rejuvenating experience, providing effective relief from stress, pain, improved spinal health, or just some well deserved time out.


Combining far infrared light, negative ions & amethyst crystals, the BioMat reduces stress, pain, inflammatory response & toxic insult, while supporting healthy autonomic function, alkaline balance & lymphatic movement.

Why Choose Us

World-Class Float Experience

You’ll enjoy the most spacious and luxurious floating pods in the world, plus your own private shower, changing area, towel, ear plugs, and complimentary organic body and hair products.

Personalised Service

Every single client of ours is important to us and we go the extra mile to provide the best experience as possible. From the time you first walk through our door, you will be provided with professional and friendly support and guidance.


We love nothing more than helping our clients feel better and we truly want to see their health transform. We also offer personally tailored wellbeing plans and work with you to help you achieve your health goals. Contact us to find out more.

Industry Experts

We’ve helped nearly 20,000 people learn to detox and de-stress through floating. Many of them continue to work with us having experienced the deep and lasting benefits to their physical and mental health.

Guaranteed Clean Water

We use a triple-filtration process including chloride free sanitisers to provide perfectly pure and clean water for every single floating session. The water you’ll float in far exceeds the standard ratings for pools and spas here in Queensland.

Organic Only & No Nasty Chemicals

All personal care products and cleaning products used at The Float Space are not only plant-based, but also organic and free of nasty chemicals. Our float tanks are free of chlorine as we use a more effective established cleaning process.


Interested in bringing your own music? If you wish to listen to a particular type of music, meditation, affirmation or even hypnosis track to create a personalised float experience, just bring in your mp3 file and we can upload it for you to your pod.

On the inside, our float pods are fitted with a Chakra colour therapy light which scrolls through a series of soothing and beautiful light colours. The light can be controlled via a button on the inside so you are always in control of this.

Free Parking

Both our Brisbane West End and Maroochydore location have designated (free!) parks to make it easy for you to come and go.

Supplementary Services To Take Your Wellness Further

At The Float Space we offer additional services that have been carefully selected to perfectly complement and maximise your floatation experience – all under one one roof. Choose from Far Infrared Sauna, Cryotherapy, Massage and BioMat therapy (services may vary depending on location).

Our Clients Say It Best

“Wow! To hear my husband wake up and say how good he feels is a miracle in itself!! Thank you so much Float Space. He had a hip replacement in January, after 27 years of pain with a hip disease. The recovery has been a long road but his ‘float’ was great for his mental and physical state!! Highly recommend!“

Johanna K, Coolum Beach

“Loved the Float Space. I have thoroughly enjoyed reaping the benefits of this professional, safe and secure service. The staff I find consistently amazing and friendly. I am sleeping better, my skin glows and I am feeling more rested and relaxed with way more energy than before the floats.“

Leigh S, West End

“Each float has been a wonderfully uplifting experience. I hoped for relaxation and to ease my aches and pains – the first float exceeded all my expectations, and I had 3 more over the next 2 months. My mind is calmer, my energy levels are up, and I feel physically better than I have in years. I will definitely be back for more!“

Morag R, Ashgrove

“Absolutely the greatest! Very professional, very clean, very attentive to your needs and experience. Wow, what a treat for me…more than I expected and left me so relaxed, in tune with myself and centred. Highly recommended.“

Andrea K, Toowoomba

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