Valentine's Day & Self Care Bundles

Offer ends 14th February

  • 2x Couple's IR Sauna

    2x 30 min Sauna for 2


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  • 2-Float Bundle

    2x 1 hr Floats


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  • Share the Love Bundle

    30 min IR Sauna for & 2x 1 hr Floats


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Why Floating makes the perfect Valentine's Day& Self Care gift

Easily the best Valentine’s Day gift of 2021

At The Float Space, we believe that self-care is an integral part of wellness. Unlike flowers and chocolates, our therapies nurture both the body, mind and soul.

So this Valentine’s Day, why not let your gift be something that will change their (or your) life for the better? They’ll be relaxed and at peace, helping them reconnect with themselves and you…!

Gift Vouchers are available for that one-of-a-kind Valentine’s present. Stop by either of our float centres at Maroochydore or West End, or customise and order online and print or email instantly.

Our float gift vouchers work at Brisbane West End and Maroochydore. Also available by phone – contact us here.



Love Thyself

Be Your Own Valentine!

While showing kindness and support to those close to us is important, don’t forget that making yourself a priority is a must, now more than ever.

So this Valentine’s Day, we’re challenging you to treat yourself like your own valentine and make it all about you. Because you deserve a little self care too!




Gift Vouchers

Select from our range of gift vouchers below to spoil your loved ones

Single Sessions

1 hour Float  –  $82

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2 hour Float  –  $120

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40 min Infrared Sauna –  $50

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40 min Infrared Sauna for 2 People –  $75

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60 min BioMat –  $60

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Introductory Specials

First Time Floating Intro Offer: Buy 2 get 1 FREE – $164*

A great package for anyone new to float tank therapy. Starting with 3 floats offers the best chance to experience what floating is all about.

Includes 3x 1 hour float sessions.

*Valid for first time clients only. 2-month expiry from first float. Non-shareable. Non-transferrable. 

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First Time Infrared Sauna Intro Offer: Buy 2 get 1 FREE – $100*

A great way to experience the detoxifying effects of our unique Sunlighten multi-spectrum infrared sauna.

Includes 3x 40 minute infrared sauna sessions.

*Valid for first time clients only. 2-month expiry from first sauna. Non-shareable. Non-transferrable.

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Shareable Float Passes

There are so many benefits to floating that you can see after just one float, but most benefits are seen after routine practice. Help a loved one make floating a part of their self care routine with one of our multi float passes, or share the experience with them!

4x Float Pass  –  $240  ($60 per float – Save $88)*

Includes 4x 1 hour float sessions.

*Shareable between 2 people.  

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10x Float Pass  –  $500  ($50 per float – Save $320)*

Includes 10x 1 hour float sessions.

*Shareable between 2 people.  

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4x Infrared Sauna Pass  –  $148  ($37 per Session – Save $52)*

Includes 4x 40 min inferred sauna sessions.

*Shareable between 2 people.  

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10x Infrared Sauna Pass  –  $330  ($33 per session – Save $170)*

Includes 10x 40 min sauna sessions.

*Shareable between 2 people.  

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Wellness Bundles

The Float Space offers a selection of carefully created wellness bundles combining our effective and powerful therapies for a total reboot of body & mind. Rest easy knowing that you’re giving the most relaxing gift for the mind, body and soul.

REVIVE – $115 ($132)

40 minute infrared sauna & 1 hour float session

Buy NoW

SHARE THE LOVE – $210 ($264)

1x shared 40 minute infrared sauna for 2 & 2x 1 hour float sessions

Shareable with one other person.

Buy NoW

PAUSE – $115 ($131

45 minute Amethyst BioMat session & 1 hour float session

Buy NoW

HEAL – $150 ($182

30 minute IR Sauna,  1 hour float & 45 minute Amethyst BioMat session

Buy NoW

*Wellness Bundles are not shareable unless specified otherwise. For online purchases you will need to book in each component of a package separately to reserve your appointment. Please contact us for any assistance. 

Custom Amount

Click here to purchase a gift voucher to the amount of your preference. Custom amount gift vouchers are redeemable towards any service and package.

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Changing or canceling an appointment:

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You confirm that you acknowledge and agree that you will NOT USE THE FLOAT TANK if:

You have not showered thoroughly and still have oils, creams or makeup on your body or hair;
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You are under the influence of alcohol or drugs;
You have a communicable or infectious skin condition, disorder or diseases;
You have open or bleeding wounds. This also covers fresh tattoos or piercings;
You are diabetic, unless your diabetes is under medical control;
You have incontinence, or voluntarily/involuntarily release of bodily fluids of any kind;
You have a history of heart trouble, epilepsy, seizures, blackouts and have not received your doctor’s permission to use the float tank;
You wear a pacemaker or have a serious heart condition;
You are experiencing a sexually transmissible infection of any type;
You have a condition which may be adversely affected by coetaneous absorption of magnesium;
You have a kidney disease;
You are under the age of 18 years without parental or legal guardian consent.
You are aware that in the case that you willingly or unwillingly cause contamination to the water in the float tank or cause damage to the float tank, THE FLOAT SPACE remains the right to charge for compensation to cover the expenses of replacing the water and salt in the floatation tank and for associated loss of revenue.

You have fully disclosed any physical concerns to THE FLOAT SPACE. You understand there may be some degree of discomfort after the Services, such as, but not limited to, flu-like symptoms, headache, dizziness, and/or diarrhoea. You release THE FLOAT SPACE from any responsibility for symptoms related to the detoxification process incurred with the Services.

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4. ACKNOWLEDGMENT OF POLICIES AND PROCEDURES. The undersigned acknowledges knowing all of the policies and procedures relating to the activities, facilities, and/or equipment and understands that the safe and proper use of the facilities, equipment or participation in the activity is dependent upon carefully following such policies and procedures.

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(a) release and forever discharge THE FLOAT SPACE and its employees and agents from any and all liability and claims, and agree not to sue them on account of or in conjunction with any claims, causes of action, injuries, damage, cost of expenses arising out of the activity, including those based on death, bodily injury or property damage whether or not caused by the acts, omissions or other fault of the parties being released.

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