Boost Your Immune System Naturally With A Sauna / Float Combo

How can the Sauna / Float combo boost your immune system?

It is commonly known that stress wreaks havoc on the mind and body. Prolonged periods of stress is associated with the body losing its ability to regulate the inflammatory response, and increased inflammation consequently weakens the immune system. So how do we break this cycle and stop the stress before it happens? How do we keep our immune system strong so it’s ready to fight the battle against viruses and germs?

How floating boosts your immune system 

The good news is: Floatation therapy boosts your immune system! The primary reason that floating boosts the immune system is that it allows the body to focus more energy on strengthening its defences.

By placing the body in a low-impact, relaxing environment, floating encourages the body to stop sending so much energy to unnecessary functions. Without the need to use so much energy, the body can focus on rejuvenation so that it is better prepared to combat germs and external threats. In fact, floatation is so relaxing to the body that the immune system is able to strengthen itself by working at a heightened level.

In addition, the Epsom salts (magnesium sulphate) in the float tank helps to draw out many toxins that might be weakening the immune system. By releasing these toxins, the body is also able to redirect more of its energy towards building its immunity. Magnesium further promotes maintaining balance, avoiding illness, performing well under stress, and maintain a general state of good health. 

Floating has also been shown to decrease blood pressure by 20 units and decrease heart rate by 20bpm. This further highlights the positive benefits floating can have on your stress levels to boost your immune system.

How Infrared Sauna boosts your immune system  

The heat generated by an infrared sauna stimulates energy at a cellular level which, in turn, increases the body’s production of white blood cells. An increased production of white blood cells, as stimulated by infrared sauna use, can help the body to more effectively fight off illnesses.

Besides directly benefiting the immune system, using an infrared sauna also provides you with a multitude of other benefits to enhance your health and wellbeing, including detoxification, increased blood circulation, improved sleep, regeneration of cells and enhanced relaxation. 

Why the Sauna / Float combination is so effective

The combination of heat exposure via infrared sauna and reduction of stress hormones by floating is a great combo for those looking to boost their immune system naturally as it provides the body with a multi facet approach to optimising your immune response. 

Those who benefit most include stressed corporate men and women, people who have a compromised immune system or have suffered from glandular fever, those who are exposed to people or places with high exposure including hospitals, schools, daycare centres or close office spaces, busy mums or those who always seem to luck out and get sick.

During this cold and flu season, our bodies need all the help they can get! So why not boost your immunity and increase your energy levels naturally by floating and infrared sauna?!

Infrared Sauna / Float combos start at $109 with packs and combination services available to optimise benefits. Book Your Session Now