Can Floatation Therapy Be Effective In Relieving Anxiety?

We often might experience high-stress levels when we’re upset or worried about something that’s happened, is happening or might happen.

Finding a means to relax can help master your anxiety, and floating is one of the options worth considering.


What Does Anxiety Do To The Body?

We encounter stresses in different areas of our lives – our relationships, work, and even in our minds. Constantly worrying about things that may happen gets us worked up. Our heads are mudded by “what ifs” that rob us of our focus and ability to sleep at night. We battle with fear and doubt, getting overworked and burnout, and not getting enough time to rest and unwind.

It is a situation that, if not corrected, will change your physiology. It will trigger increased cortisol and adrenaline levels in your body, causing your breathing to be shallow.

If your life is one of constant stress, it is high time you took a break and relaxed. You should undo and avoid all the things that keep you anxious. Medical and health experts call stress the “silent killer”. It is a condition that leads to different health problems like chronic pain, heart problems, among others.

According to the health and lifestyle experts at Sydney Detox and Rehab, anxiety is something that shouldn’t be ignored and needs to be taken seriously. “We’re lucky that mental health issues are being normalised, but we still have a long way to go on that front. Anxiety can cripple your mind and body, as you feel unsure about what could happen next. It’s important to employ methods to help you clear the mind.”

It would be best to try and rediscover your lost “baseline”, which is a state of being relaxed. Stress and anxiety may have you so wrapped up you have lost all sense of how to bring yourself to relax. However, relaxing is a skill whose benefits you will enjoy if you practice more and more.

Anxiety disorder is a condition that is common in Australia, with more than 2 million people experiencing anxiety symptoms annually. Therefore, you are not the first, nor are you alone in this.


Why Floating?

Floating in a pod saturated with Epsom salt and water might sound more awkward than spending some time in silent meditation. At times, getting lost in your mind as you sift through your thoughts might have you thinking that you may become more anxious. That is why floating is the next best answer.

Spending an hour in a floatation tank can have the opposite effects, especially when in a setting that is devoid of distractions or stimulation. Your mind and body will get lost in the relaxing feeling. It will help you be at peace and feel at home with your mind and thoughts.

Remedial health specialist Virginia Mealing is a big advocate for floating therapy. “It’s unique, but more importantly, it helps us to be in a complete state of relaxation. People have turned to different ways of healing, and floatation therapy has been something that has worked for lots of folks.”

You might give up meditating when you are less than five minutes into it, more so if you are in an environment full of distractions. Doing this is more challenging when at home, where you have your kids yelling, the TV or radio on blast, and your mobile phone calling repeatedly. Consider finding some time away from such things to engage in an activity that will help you relax. Find a pool in a quiet place where you can float peacefully as you wind and let the serenity of that stillness serenade you.



Learning how to float can help save your life but also have a life-changing impact.  If you are consumed by stress, fear, doubt, and anxiety, floating can help turn the table around. It can help you feel proud of the person you are from who you were, helping you become more resilient by equipping you with what you need for the bumpy road that is the life we live.

We live in a society that belittles self-care while glorifying being overworked and burnt out. You should never forget to keep your mind and heart healthy. It is essential because it helps you reflect on what matters the most to you and how you can rediscover your baseline.

People should not be overburdened by anxiety. While we cannot avoid stress because life circumstances that cause this can happen unexpectedly. However, we can be masters of our destinies, controlling the challenging emotions and staying resilient instead of allowing things to spin out of control.

Floating can be a tool that helps you find your lost joy, happiness, and purpose in life.

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