Connecting Mind, Body & Spirit Through Float Therapy

pastedGraphic.pngMany people suffer from anxiety and high-stress levels, especially during the pandemic. One of every five persons in Australia has psychological distress that needs therapies for relieving the mental health problems they are experiencing. In line with this matter, float therapy has become one of the most effective ways to improve our mental well being.

Wellness enthusiast and Home Loan Provider Gemma Fern of Bowen Property Centre also suggested float therapy as a wellness practice to refresh, recover, and reset one’s mind. She said, “Float therapy helps a lot when talking about relieving stress, improving spirituality, and promoting human wellbeing. It gives the most peaceful time for you to contemplate and rest. Through floating, you can experience the best relaxation moment you never knew you needed before.”

Float therapy can be the best healing process for reducing stress and anxiety, allowing you to drift away from daily pressure. It includes a soundproof and dark floatation tank with Epsom salt and water solution, making it a peaceful and healing environment for improved self-awareness, clarity, and conscious contemplation. To further explain that, here’s how float therapy connects the mind, body, and spirit.


1. Soothes The Mind

Float therapy can lower cortisol (stress hormones) and increase melatonin (sleep and relaxation hormone), which improves sleeping patterns. It also enhances brain functions and wellbeing, such as inner peace of mind, healing, creativity, better memory, and developed learning capabilities.

Moreover, floating can also assist various neurological conditions, including autism, insomnia, addiction, and posttraumatic stress disorder or PTSD.


2. Heals The Body

The water used in floating comes with magnesium-rich Epsom salts. This chemical compound can detoxify and cleanse the body for better skin, activate calcium absorption for arthritis, and reduce muscle pain. It also enables the pituitary glands to release endorphins, which can aid emotional and chronic pain.

Aside from that, float therapy can also balance hormones and heal the parasympathetic nervous system.


3. Uplifts The Spirit

pastedGraphic_1.pngLastly, float therapy can also enable you to have astral travelling, which is the process of the soul leaving the body to go on a journey to different dimensions. Moreover, it also allows you to enter a Theta state, where your subconscious mind can have heightened creativity, intuition, and learning.

These processes serve as meditation that can reduce stress and boost concentration, calmness, focus, memory, and self-awareness.




Escape The Real World For A While—Connect Your Mind, Body, And Spirit At The Float Space!

When life goes hard and you’re looking for a relaxing space for daily tasks, float therapy can be your answer. It allows you to pause your everyday life and take time to contemplate and reduce stress. It enables you to improve your holistic health and be a better person.

At The Float Space, we offer the best float therapy that can give you an escape from your stress and tiredness. We aim to provide a wellness treatment that can cater to people with asthma, chronic pain, sleep disorders, adrenal fatigue, and many more.

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