It’s Janina’s Birthday Month and YOU Get the Presents!  

Welcome to The Float Space, a Float & Wellness Centre located in Maroochydore, West End and soon also Noosa. I’m the co-founder, Janina.

The Float Space came about as a result of my pursuit for a therapy that would help me heal from excruciating chronic fatigue I was experiencing several years ago. After three years of relentless researching and never ending trials, the combination of regular infrared therapy and floatation is what helped me heal.


I am forever grateful for the life changing benefits of our therapies I was blessed to experience, and to you, our amazing Brisbane and Sunshine Coast Tribe, for supporting us and creating the community we love to serve and impact in a positive way.


Every day we hear stories from our clients telling us how their lives have changed through regular floating and infrared sauna, including everything from chronic pain, to anxiety, depression, sleep disorders, or that they’re feeling more focused, productive, and simply calmer and happier.


So this month, for my birthday and in celebration of what The Float Space means to us, we offer you the absolute best deal ever! 

Experience what happens when you dive into the world of floating and infrared sauna with our Elevate packages and take your relaxation, stress-reduction, and life optimisation to another level!


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Elevate Your Life with Our Ultimate Float & Sauna Packs!  

Elevate Float Pack

30 Days of Floating

1x 60 min Float Session per day*

$499 ($1,871) 


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Elevate Infrared Sauna Pack

30 Days of Infrared Sauna

1x 30 min Infrared Sauna per day*

$299 ($1,021


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Or browse our range of shareable Multi Session Passes: 


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*Elevate Package Terms & Conditions: Limited to one session per day on 30 consecutive days. Unused sessions do not roll over. 30-day expiry from first day of use. Pass is limited to one person only – not shareable or transferable. Promotion is available until 31/10/18. The Float Space Purchase Policy applies to all sales.




5* Reviews




Happy Clients

Benefits for Mind and Body  

Physical Benefits

Relieve muscle & joint pains

Improve sleep quality

Spinal & structural alignment

Relieve pregnancy symptoms

Mental Benefits

Significantly reduce stress

Increase mindfulness

Improve mental focus

Enhance creativity

Emotional Benefits

Decrease anxiety

Reduce symptoms of depression

Increase optimism

Improve feelings of well-being

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Why Choose Us

World-Class Float Pods & Infrared Saunas

At The Float Space you’ll enjoy the most spacious and luxurious float pods in the world, plus we provide you with your own private float room equipped with shower, change area and complimentary organic body and hair products.

Our Sunlighten mPulse 3-in-1 is the only sauna on the market that can provide all three infrared wavelengths in one place, with the effect of producing maximum health benefits.


Every single client of ours is important to us and we go the extra mile to provide the best experience as possible. From the time you first walk through our door, you will be provided with professional and friendly support and guidance.

After your treatment, stay as long  as you wish in our tranquil post float lounge, enjoy complimentary tea and filtered water

Uncompromising Hygiene

We use a triple filtration process combined with natural established sanitisers to guarantee perfectly pure and clean water every single float.

Organic, Non-Toxic & Vegan

From our eco towels to the sanitising products in our pods and our complimentary personal care products provided for your treatments, we take care to only use plant-based, environmentally conscious and toxin free products.

Our float tanks are free of chlorine as we use a more effective established cleaning process.

Private & Silent Rooms

Private float rooms complete with a shower, towels, changing area and complimentary organic body and hair products.

Our float rooms are technically engineered for a true sensory deprivation experience.

Learn The Art Of Floating With The Experts

We’ve helped nearly 20,000 people learn to de-stress and recover through floating. Many of them continue to work with us having experienced the deep and lasting benefits to their mental and physical health.

Customise Your Float Experience

Customise everything from music to lighting.

You are always in complete control of the lid of the pod and you can feel free to leave the lid open fully or partially if you prefer.

The Float Space offers calming floating music and different lighting options for those just getting into the practice or complete silence and darkness if that is what your prefer. If you don’t meditate and just want to relax for an hour without your phone, email or distractions we welcome that as well.

Interested in bringing your own music, meditation or hypnosis track? Speak to us to help you create a personalised float experience.

Free Parking

Both our Brisbane West End and Maroochydore location have designated (free!) parks to make it easy for you to come and go.

Supplementary Therapies To Take Your Wellness Further

The Float Space offers a selection of additional services which perfectly complement and maximise your floatation experience. Choose from Far Infrared Sauna, Massage and BioMat therapy.

Experience Our Brand New Full Spectrum Infrared Saunas!

Our Sunlighten mPulse 3-in-1® Infrared Saunas are the most effective infrared saunas available.

Using near, mid and far infrared technology the Sunlighten sauna provides a one of kind experience with the effect of producing maximum therapeutic results.

Infrared saunas are said to detox you at a rate 7-10x greater than other saunas, resulting in deep cellular cleansing, alleviating your body of toxins, chemicals and fat.

Regular infrared sauna use benefits those with:

  • – High toxin, acidity & heavy metal levels
  • – High blood pressure
  • – Chronic fatigue
  • – Stress & sleep disorders 
  • – Skin conditions, e.g. Eczema & Psoriasis 
  • – Chronic muscle & joint pains
  • – Allergies
  • – Diabetes & weight issues
  • – Low immunity.

Learn more about our Sunlighten Infrared Saunas here.

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Our Clients Say It Best

“Love this place. Staff are so welcoming, place is amazing and I always leave feeling so much better. My favourite are the infrared sauna and float combo. Helps me with increased energy and sleep much better. Coming here has really changed my quality of life. If you haven’t been, it’s a must.“

Lesley S, South Bank

“Good floatin’. Clean, welcoming, relaxing and salty. The music is a great starter to settle your mind, and the ergonomics of the tanks controls makes it easy to fully immerse. Going back in a few weeks, and will be giving the sauna a go to alleviate some inflammation too. Five. Damn. Stars.“

Joe D, West End

“Beautiful space, clean and relaxing, friendly staff. I’ve floated in other spaces and they felt quite clinical whereas The Float Space feels like you’re visiting a spa. Definitely go more than once to fully understand how your body can benefit.“

Jill v.H., Maroochydore

“Today I was a first time floater and I absolutely loved the experience. From the moment you walk through the door you are made to feel welcome and special. The float itself was not like anything I have done before. I have a spinal fusion and being able to lie on my back for that long is normally something I can’t do. My muscles relaxed and I was able to totally let go for the hour. I think I even may have fallen asleep. After the float I was again made to feel very special. It certainly wasn’t a case of you’re done get out. It was take your time and relax and head out when you feel ready. Thanks team I will definitely be back.“

Des  W., Silkstone

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