How Floating Can Help You Unlock Your Full Potential!

Spark the energy of intentions!

It’s that time of the year again…but rather than making new year’s resolutions: spark the energy of intentions – and you have the ability to make 2016 your best year yet!

Why intentions?

Resolutions often focus on the negative. Things we wish to change or don’t like about ourselves like, “I want to lose 10 kgs.” The truth is, you do not need fixing. You are perfect and whole right now.

Setting intentions instead puts you in a positive mindset; for example: “I love and respect my body, mind and spirit. I choose healthy, vibrant foods to nourish my body along with loving, positive thoughts.”

Setting intentions help you be more positive and to focus on the process, instead of focusing on what you are doing ‘wrong’ or an end goal that can be ‘failed’. By setting an intention we open ourselves to multiple outcomes, ones that may be greater than we imagined in the first place.

What we resist persists and what ever we focus our attention on manifests. For example, if we shift our perspective and thought patterns to focus on things we love about ourselves, the more love we have for ourselves, and the more likely we are to respect our bodies, minds and spirits.

How can floating help you manifest your intentions?

Setting powerful intentions will help you get to your desired destination – and floating can help get you there faster!

The float tank provides the perfect space to manifest your intentions, as floating increases energy, motivation, visualisation, mental clarity & creativity, and an overall more positive outlook on life, helping you to stay focused and attract into your life whatever it is that you want to attract!

Floating regularly helps to profoundly relax and recharge your mind and body, so that you can concentrate on what it is that you want, and stay inspired to hit those goals!

Start your float journey now and see how it can help you unlock your true potential to make this your best year yet!