Gift Dad An Hour Of Relaxation Power

We are pretty certain that nearly every household has a hard working dad (be that of little humans or fur babies) that between the hours of a long day at the office/out in the field/on the worksite is doing home maintenance, dropping kiddies off at footy training, helping with evening routines in the house, catching up with the fellas, whilst trying to fit in there somewhere his own fitness training. Gone are the days where an afternoon spent pampering is just for the ladies. With the busy demands of life in current time, some time out to relax the body and mind is greatly welcomed by the millennia dude!

Enter into the main man’s life to ease those sore overworked muscles, and chill out the stressed monkey mind, Float Therapy.

Float Therapy is an hour of ultimate relaxation power. The float tank environment is 12inch deep water, with 550kg of magnesium saturated Epsom salt solution dissolved into it. Due to the buoyancy of the water your body can float effortlessly, taking all of the pressure off your muscles and joints. You can have the option to have your light switch on or off In the pod (which you can control). The water is heated to skin temperature, which makes you feel like you can’t feel the difference between the water and the air, giving the sensation that you’re floating in zero gravity.  The removal of external stimuli creates a state of physical and mental relaxation. The coolest thing is these effects can last for days after. Floaters report post-float feeling rejuvenated, energised, loose in the muscles and feeling like they just had the best night’s sleep ever!

Professional atheletes worldwide, like NBA superstar Steph Currey, football teams and professional fighters utilise floating for performance and recovery. Float Therapy is not only a powerful tool for the body it’s an awesome form of meditation, quietening the busy headspace, we like to call it a “Beginner’s Guide to Meditation”.  Some awesome things happen when the mind goes into a meditative state, your stress hormones lower, your parasympathetic nervous system can kick in and start doing the repairs it needs to in the body because you’re not in a fight or flight state. MMA Commentator and Comedian Joe Rogan (aka The Poster Boy for Floating) proclaims floating being “the most powerful tool for self-development”.

Benefits for a Hard Working Dad: 

  • Enjoy the physical benefits from the high levels of magnesium
  • Alleviate pain and built up lactic acid in your muscles
  • Enjoy some well deserved Theta/ REM sleep (1 hour in the float tank is said to be equivalent to 4 hours sleep
  • Escape the responsibilities and stresses of the outside world while you are in the pod
  • An hour of relaxation can work wonders for your body
  • Experience the feeling of bliss as you float in this anti-gravity escape

A testimonial from one of our happy post-floaters:

“Just finished my second float and my body is so relaxed. It’s hard to write. Tried a few different positions this time and my body feels amazing. Thank you for creating my favourite way to relax …”  – Sam.T

Why not gift the man of the house this Father’s Day an hour of time out for himself, to relax the weary body and mind.

If you’ve got a dad that does a lot of intensive physical training or works a laborious job, book him in for the infrared sauna session before his float and he’ll be feeling like a new man after! If he’s hooked on floating after the first one, we also have package options available HERE, the more you float the better you feel, so check out our First Time 3 for 2 Float Pack!

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