Entrepreneurs have a lot to gain from floating. Entrepreneurs are faced with immense mental and physical challenges due to the nature of their work-life balance. Whether you have a side hustle or a full time venture, being an entrepreneur can test the limits of your energy. The continuous stress on the mind and body will result in mental fatigue, a weakened immune system, and ultimately burnout.

In an increasingly competitive and complex business landscape finding a tool to help you be at your peak mentally and physically every day is crucial. Floatation therapy allows you to rest deeply, giving your brain a creative boost and getting you the rest you need to stay productive and feeling well.

Regularly setting aside 60 minutes at a time for a float session can be a worthwhile addition for entrepreneurs like you. Floating in water, with no pressure points on your body and with no stimuli from the outside world, deeply relaxes your nervous system and provides profound physical relief. Your body’s healing mechanisms are activated instantly.