How Floating Helps with the Challenges of FIFO life

The FIFO lifestyle comes with many great advantages and is often an attractive way to provide financial stability and security for oneself and ones family.
But working away from home can be quite stressful and challenging. There is a direct link to psychological stress and mental health issues like depression and anxiety with FIFO workers.
FIFO workers often experience:
  • Feelings of Isolation, Loneliness and disconnect from loved ones
  • Physical effects from a change in diet, activity, long work hours in stressful environments and a disruption in their circadian rhythm
  • Guilt or anger – from missing important events at home including raising children
  • Increased stress and strain on trying to maintain relationships.
Floating is a powerful tool to unplug from the stress a FIFO lifestyle creates and helps to achieve a greater balance for mental & physical wellbeing.
Floating helps with stress relief by:
  • Decreasing cortisol production
  • Increasing dopamine and endorphin production
  • Deep rest (1hr in a float pod can be equal to 6-8hrs of sleep).
Floating helps your physical health by:
  • Decreasing joint and muscular pain
  • Detoxifying the body
  • Decreasing blood pressure
  • Increasing immune function.
Putting time aside to relax and recover is essential to avoid burn out, especially for people in high stress environments such as our FIFO workers.
Floating can help secure the longevity of a FIFO lifestyle by improving mood and sleep, soothing anxiety and helping to combat the physical and psychological stressors.
“It was amazing how relaxed I felt, not just physically but the mental clarity and complete de-stress was unbelievable, I was blown away at how deeply I was able to relax and turn off. It really is an amazing experience to feel as though your melting away and all those issues and stresses you had before had either been mentally solved or just released to not be worried about. I am sleeping better and feel more at ease and relaxed” – Kiel, FIFO worker
We look forward to helping you achieve a more balanced and relaxed life at The Float Space, and we hope you take good care of yourself both at work and when you’re back in town!