Give yourself a REST: The benefits of floatation for parents

Floatation therapy is often used for the benefit it lends to starting, growing and supporting a family.

The life of a parent is certainly a busy one, high levels of stress, sleep deprivation, and over-working to make ends meet, while trying to to not let this affect the bonds of family they do all of this for. Finding the balance, while being spread so thin, can be a challenging task.  As a consequence, back pain and posture issues, anxiety, depression and feelings of being overwhelmed are just some of the symptoms often experienced.

Floating can be hugely beneficial. A single float is enough to unravel the layers of stress for a while, and make problems that seem complex or impossible all of a sudden appear trivial. It can help to mull over any problems you have have been dealing with, giving you time and space to sort them out easily in the stillness and seclusion of the pod.

Benefits of floatation therapy for parents

  • Gives your muscles a proper chance to recover from stress and overworking
  • Drains away fatigue rapidly, improving energy levels with each float
  • Energises you, helping to get through the long weeks
  • Reduces muscular tension
  • Eases joint pain
  • Balances out sleeping patterns thrown off by late-night baby dramas
  • Gives a period of silence to help you remember why you keep the balance in the first place
  • You will have incredible sleep after your float, waking up fresh the next day rather than tired or worn

The benefits of Epsom salts

Epsom Salts are a Magnesium Sulphate compound, known for its muscle relaxing and joint pain reducing qualities. When floating in the Epsom salt saturated solution of the float tank, this takes the pressure off your joints, while magnesium ions are being absorbed via the skin..

When is best to float?

The best way to help you lessen stress and fatigue is actually to pre-empt it. Integrating floating into your schedule and making it a habit will help is the best way to stop it from really taking hold. Floating once a week or fortnightly is recommended to reap the maximum benefit and ensure that you stay on top of caring for yourself..

Floatation before the kids go on holidays, or before they go back to school, is a great way to ease the impending huge warp of your schedule. Pretty much any time you face a period of fluctuating routines, or unexpected stress, floating beforehand will safeguard you as you move into it, providing you a peace-of-mind barrier to the anxiety that plagues times like those..

Floating while pregnant or afterwards is also very beneficial, connecting the mother to the child in her womb. You can find out more detailed information about floating when pregnant and the benefits of it here.

Half the battle is realising you need a break, or that you deserve one. Integrating floating into your life can make prioritising you part of your schedule, and thus make it part of your life. 

While it may seem that you need to dedicate all of your time to family life and managing kids and work, taking time to ensure you are looked after will ultimately make that task not only easier, but also improve how you tackle it, and thereby improve the results and make your life on the whole more manageable and more fulfilling..

First Time Floater! Loved it! 

Stressful work weeks and built up stress literally “Float” away as soon as you’re in the pod. I was a bit skeptical at first but after just a one hour float sesh, I felt like i’ve just awoken from a 12 hour sleep, charged and ready to go. Kind and friendly staff, awesome experience. 10 out of 10, would float again!

~ Billy W.

If you’re not using floatation therapy yet to give you the much needed break you deserve, why not give it a try? Or, alternatively, combine your float with an Infrared Sauna or massage for the ultimate in recovery and relaxation!  

Reduced stress, better maintenance of the balance of parental life, and alleviated fatigue are only a float away!