As much as there is excitement surrounding your newly announced engagement, there is also the stress of setting about planning for the big day – finding the right dress, spending weekend after weekend visiting potential venues, and trying to remember all those finer details such as reception seating arrangements and table centrepieces.

Planning a wedding isn’t easy, but there is a way you can avoid going down that dark, dark road of becoming a bridezilla, and that’s taking advantage of one of the most relaxing activities you can participate in – floating. So how can it help you in the lead up to your big day?

Stress reduction

It’s no wonder brides get stressed as they organise one of the biggest celebrations of their lives – they are forced to decide who’s going to be in the bridal party, who will be invited, which venue is just perfect, and let’s not forget the financial part of it all.

Stress is a natural physical and mental reaction to all of life’s experiences, and in immediate, short-term situations, it can be beneficial to your health, allowing you to cope with potentially serious situations. Your body responds by increasing your heart and breathing rates, but if it continues, these stress levels stay elevated far longer than is necessary. And that’s not good!

Floating can positively reset your stress response by lowering your heart rate, blood pressure and muscle tension. And when you begin to relax, the body releases endorphins – the chemical that makes you happy!

Staying focused

You might be concerned that being left to your own devices in a float tank will leave you thinking even more about your upcoming nuptials, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. When the brain and body are given periods of relaxation, it acts as a restorative. The time spent without focusing on an activity or task allows the neurons in the brain to rest, which revitalises all areas of the body you’ve been working on.

You’ll find improved performance in brain function, resulting in more focus and the ability to make decisions easier. You may even find your creativity will have remodelled itself, so don’t be surprised if suddenly you come up with a more inspiring table setting for the reception!

Amazing skin and weight loss

When you get out of the float tank, your skin will be exfoliated and soft – just perfect for that bridal glow! The Epsom salts used for floating will not dehydrate your skin which means that you don’t have to worry about coming out looking like a prune. Epsom salts are important in helping our body process sulphates, so the influx of magnesium assists in skin repair resulting in a reduction of wrinkles, skin allergies and other skin reactions from every day exposure.

If you’re a bride after some weight loss, then floating can help there too. As mentioned previously, clearing those stress levels releases happy endorphins – the natural opiates help us to create pleasurable feelings, decreasing the need to eat for comfort. You’ll also find a self-awareness that comes from being in a relaxed state, so your emotional consciousness will provide you with an opportunity to discover what your trigger mechanisms are.

Simply put, having float therapy sessions on a regular basis will get you through the stresses of wedding planning, and you’ll avoid becoming a bridezilla easily, which will make the lead up to your special day much more fun and exhilarating. Succumb to the amazing experience with your bridal party, your fiancé, or your mother and mother-in-law – you’ll find everyone will benefit!

Along with floating, why not check out the benefits of infrared sauna and cryotherapy for the added effects of destressing? Your time in an infrared sauna will help push out more toxins from deeper inside the body, while spending just 2 to 3 minutes exposing your body to cryotherapy will leave you feeling refresh, rejuvenated and restored.

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