How Floatation and Infrared Sauna help with muscle pain and recovery

There is a reason our Sunlighten full-spectrum Infrared Sauna and our floatation pods work so perfectly together in harmonising the body, restoring muscle strength and providing detoxification to sore muscles, and why so many people choose to sauna before floating!

Infrared Sauna benefits for your muscles

Using our Infrared Sauna and float tanks post workout has multiple benefits when it comes to muscle recovery. These benefits come from the Near, Mid and Far Infrared rays emitted by our sauna, the amount of magnesium your body can absorb while floating, also that zero gravity feel floating provides, which takes the stress off tired and sore muscles.

The main idea behind our Infrared Sauna is to penetrate your muscles and heat your core up at a cellular level, increasing detoxification and healthy blood flow throughout the whole body. Infrared light penetrates to the inner layers of the skin from 2-7 centimetres deep, reaching the muscles, nerves and even down to the bone.

Studies show that muscle ‘knots’ and trigger points are highly acidic, giving waste products such as lactic acid a chance to build up and limit the supply of oxygen and nutrients blood can carry to the muscle. This causes the muscle to become congested and can limit movement and lead to a range of health concerns. Not only does Infrared light provide detoxification at 20 times higher the rate than traditional saunas (meaning that built up lactic acid gets broken down at a cellular level and removed via the lymphatic system), it also heats your core up, makes that blood pump and brings fresh, oxygenated blood to muscles that are sore and compromised.

Infrared light provides faster healing for muscles post workout, and can also relieve the ongoing pain of long term sufferers.

Coupled with floating, the benefits of infrared sauna are multiplied, let us explain why!

Float benefits for your muscles

Our float pods are loaded with over 500kg of Epsom salt (magnesium sulphate) at any given time. Magnesium has long been known to help with a wide range of concerns, from sore muscles to sleepless nights. Magnesium helps with muscle contraction, blocking an excess build up of calcium that prevents our muscles from relaxing properly. If the body doesn’t contain enough magnesium, muscle are unable to completely relax, contributing to tight muscles, cramps and spasms. Lack of magnesium also creates a build up of lactic acid which is one of the main contributors to sore muscles after a workout.

Sleep is also such an important factor of healing sore muscles. Your body needs sleep to heal itself properly, and when we lack restful deep sleep, we compromise our body and its healing capabilities. Studies have shown a link between low levels of magnesium with sleep problems and disorders. Magnesium can help increase the amount of deep sleep you get, which is the most optimal time that your body can heal itself. So basically, more deep sleep equals quicker recovery time for sore muscles! Not to mention, one hour relaxing in the float pod can have the effect of 4-8 hours of restful sleep!

All in all, using our infrared sauna in conjunction with our float tanks will take muscle recovery to the next level, providing relief from tense muscles and cramps in a range of different ways!

So whether you’re a gym junkie or someone who just has a lot on their plate and needs to unwind, using our sauna along with our float pods can help you achieve results you could only dream of!