The Lymphatic Ab Sculpting Massage

Hollywood’s hottest new treatment is now available at The Float Space West End

Massaging your way to more toned abs might seem to good to be true, but Nicole Kidman, Selena Gomez and Kendall Jenner are all fans of a Brazilian style lymphatic drainage massage, a treatment that results in instantly slimmer abs, toned legs and a supermodel-worthy glow.

For those not familiar with lymphatic drainage, the massage technique has long been used to encourage a healthy lymph flow. It uses light pressure and long, rhythmic strokes to promote circulation and get stagnated lymph fluid and toxins moving so they can be properly eliminated. Stress, unbalanced hormones, diet, pollution, sedentariness, and illnesses are responsible for lymph stagnation. Lymphatic drainage circulates immune cells through your body and increases the absorption and transportation of excess fluid, which flushes toxins from your tissues, prevents inflammation and balances your nervous and digestive system.

So what is Sculpting Massage?

The new Brazilian Body Sculpting or High Definition Massage is a combination of lymphatic drainage, contouring (a combination of deeper strokes to releases the tissue, increase the metabolism and promote a contouring effect) and relaxation movements. The technique is light and flowing that feels gentle and rhythmic.

Our therapists use a Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage Massage technique for instant body sculpting, improved fluid retention & cellulite, skin tone and vitality. The main aim is to achieve homeostasis, body balance, detoxification and enhance one’s beauty naturally. After your treatment you will feel instantly invigorated and lighter all over, with a noticeable improvement in skin tone, bloating and swelling.

This treatment is also very popular to fight cellulite caused by oedema, which is the accumulation of fluids in the deepest fat layers of the skin. It helps flush the liquid that is deposited between the cells and cannot move on their own, improving the appearance of the skin. The Sculpting Massage enhances body contours by improving circulation, reducing cellulite and localised fat and by increasing muscle firmness.

Recommended treatment plan

We recommend regular Body Sculpting Lymphatic Drainage Massage treatments on their own, or alongside other detox regimes such as infrared sauna and float therapy. Lymphatic drainage is also important in conjunction with Cryoskin Toning and Slimming treatments to enhance the results. Besides the aesthetic effects that Body Sculpting has, regular sessions will help prevent the lymphatic system from becoming overloaded, which can lead to health problems down the road.

The key to obtain the best results and maintain a healthy lymphatic system is regularly stimulating it. To get the maximum sculpting, toning and vitality results from our Body Sculpting Lymphatic Drainage Massage treatments, we recommend starting with three treatments, each no more than 10 days apart. This can then be followed by a maintenance plan of one treatment every one to two weeks or as required for an energy boost, to help kick-start a health plan or to sculpt before a big event.

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Feeling sluggish? Tired? Can’t seem to shed that extra bit of fluid? Body function lazy? Needing a confidence boost? Recovering from surgery? Exclusively available at The Float Space West End, our Brazilian style Lymphatic Drainage Massage is the ultimate whole body treatment for detoxing and sculpting the body, will help you!

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