Make Floating Your New Years Resolution

Dear Float Friends,

Our last months have been very busy and at times extremely challenging, creating and building our vision of the new Float Space in Brisbane West End, while running our beautiful centre in Maroochydore in parallel.

We both continue to pour our hearts and souls into this project we created together to provide you with a space that cultivates profound healing, relaxation and recovery in a way that simply can not be found anywhere else.

By promoting health and mindfulness through floatation, The Float Space strives to bring and contribute more peace and positivity to each and every person whose lives we touch.

So we wanted to firstly thank all of you wonderful souls for the love, the support, and for your patience as we’ve been completely wrapped up in this transition over the past months. We’re so blessed for now being able to serve, inspire and positively impact the community both on the Sunshine Coast and in Brisbane.

With the new year upon us, we can’t help but look back at this past year with complete gratitude and excitement for the new experiences not only we’re about to make but for all of those who will (and continue to) explore floating and the incredible impact it has on our lives…

We wish everyone an amazing year 2017, and that this year floating will be your new year’s resolution and  bring you peace, health and happiness!

Janina & Felipe