Making Sustainable Lifestyle Changes in 2021

New Year’s Resolutions – oftentimes we have big plans and the first few weeks we are so motivated to make it happen. But somehow our good intentions get lost over time and we give in to habits again that keep us stuck in our old ways.

Let us share how to make a more lasting impact in your life.

No matter what kind of change you are looking for – meditation practice, exercise, learning a new skill, building your own business, including more mindfulness into your days or anything else that adds more happiness to your life. Making lasting changes takes quite a bit of courage, effort and patience.

Instead of rushing into a big transition with full force, the key is to slowly and gently build up to adopting new habits so they can be lasting lifestyle changes. Focus on keeping it simple, starting slowly and creating enough space for whatever it is you want to work on, allowing yourself sufficient time to adjust. 

For example, you want to exercise more often to feel fitter and more vibrant in your body, to enjoy life more fully. Great! Now you make a plan to go for a run 3 times a week and do an hour of yoga 3 days weekly. This schedule might certainly give you quick results but after two weeks of working hard to keep it up, you are exhausted and are already dreading the next running season. Sooner or later, you give up on your plan, set it aside as a failure and slide back into old coach potato habits.

Here are some tips that we find helpful in creating sustainable lifestyle changes:

  1. Try not to tackle all your life’s dreams at once but focus on one thing only. You have enough time and space to challenge yourself with something new after this new habit becomes a natural part of your life.
  2. Set achievable goals not based on other people’s example but based on your own lifestyle, routines and priorities.
  3. Be flexible during the process, goals along with your expected progress can change and that is totally fine.
  4. Take it step by step and focus on building a sustainable new habit instead of looking for a quick fix. Small, slow and consistent changes are most powerful to build a new lifestyle.
  5. Keep it playful. Grinding, forcing our way through life might give us some short-term results but it also takes so much energy from us and can soon leave us dreading the new habit. We will attract the things we desire more easily when we make our actions light, playful and fun and find a way to enjoy our daily routine.

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We hope these tips are helpful for you to fully embrace the beginning of a new chapter in 2021!