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The Float Space draws on a holistic yet modern view of health, wellness and spirit.

Our aim is to enhance our clients’ quality of life, whether they’ve come to us for overall well-being, to address a mental or physical condition, perform better in sports, or to look and feel younger and healthier.


Why choose The Float Space?

The results achieved from our therapies will help you feel present, reduce the effects of stress, and enhance your day to day activities and routines allowing you to be your best and happiest self.
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Book a Massage in Kawana

We live in a hectic, fast-paced society. It’s so easy for people to lose sight of their own self-care so it’s important to take an hour and do something good for themselves from time to time.

Booking yourself in for a massage at our Kawana location along the sunshine coast is the ultimate treat for your mind and body. Our friendly and professional team is ready to work all of the tension out of those shoulders and help you get back to your daily tasks feeling refreshed with a sense of renewed productivity.

Why Get A Massage In Kawana?

Many people think they don’t have time to spend at a spa. The truth is, however, that you can’t afford to miss an opportunity to take care of your body and mind. Regular spa treatments improve your outlook and disposition. They can also improve your ability to focus and concentrate.

With all that renewed mental prowess and optimism, you’ll find yourself knocking out that to-do list in half the time. That’s the double-edged sword of being busy. It’s often when we least feel we have the time to relax that we need to do it most.

Taking care of your health is the first priority if you want to live a productive life. It’s difficult to get things done if you feel generally unwell. Stress, poor lifestyle habits, feeling overworked, and not getting enough exercise are all habits people slip into when they feel overrun.

To change the frantic pace, you have to slip out of it every now and then. Float therapy, massage, sauna treatments, and all of our services are designed to help you find your relaxation space. When your mind is quiet and your body is happy, you will better handle your responsibilities.

Here’s How A Massage In Kawana Can Help You

No two people are alike, and you may not need the same style of massage treatment as another. It really all depends on what you want to address and our team can help you find the best massage therapy for your needs.

Everyone knows that a massage can ease the tension in muscles, but did you know that it also stimulates blood flow to the soft tissues in your body? This increases circulation throughout your body and is part of why muscles begin to relax. Our float therapy, reiki, sauna treatments, and massages offer numerous health benefits, such as:

  • Pain relief
  • Readjustment of body alignment
  • Removal of toxic substances
  • Mental and emotional balance

These are only a few of the many health benefits you’ll enjoy at The Float Space.

Book Your Massage In Kawana Today

Call us today for a consultation and find out just what we can do for you. There’s something for everyone here at the Float Space and we’re looking forward to helping you determine which treatments can help restore your body and mind to the healthy state that it should be in.

The Float Space is the best leading floatation centre in Brisbane. We are offering a wide range of services including Float Therapy in Brisbane, Infrared Saunas in Brisbane and Cryotherapy. Get a free quote online and book yours today!
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Discover Float Therapy

Reset the mind & body.

There are so many benefits to floating that you can see after just one float, but most benefits are seen after routine practice.

With flexible terms plus special perks, our multi-float packages give you maximum benefits at the best value! We also have gift cards.

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Maximise your wellness experience.

At The Float Space we offer a range of services that have been carefully selected to perfectly complement and enhance your float experience. We offer you to combine our effective and powerful therapies for a total reboot of body and mind. Leave feeling refreshed, energised and brand new.

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