Mrs Tink Gets Her Float On

Mrs Tink came to visit us at The Float Space Sunshine Coast, on November 6th, 2015, for her first ever float. Check out what she thought about it!

I’m one of those people that books a massage and then mentally prepares. I start by telling myself to, “Just relax,” or “zone out” and my all-time favourite is, “just enjoy it, it’s only an hour.”

All of these mantras go out the window once I jump up on the bed and close my eyes. Suddenly I start seeing piles of work, unanswered invitations, deadlines and unfinished text messages. It all pours into my head and I can’t stop! I become a crazy person who can’t shut her head off.

It’s not only me that feels this pain it’s also the poor therapist. They will work their butts off to get me to relax, only to find that I am some sort of Superhero whose only power is the ability to have a crazy full brain that thinks, nonstop.

I had put myself in the ‘can’t be helped’ basket and decided this was just how I was built…. Until today! Today I experienced something that has been a complete life changer. Today, ladies and gents I found floating. “Floating?” you ask while probably picturing me dressed in floaties bombing around a paddling pool. Floating my friends is my new ‘thing’ and the best way to explain it is to show you.

Watch my experience below to learn more.

I must confess on the day I walked into The Float Space I was cranky, tired, on edge and anxious. It had not been a good day in the office and to be honest I was not too thrilled to be going anywhere other than home.

The second I arrived to the centre my spirits changed. The scent of aromatherapy oils and tranquil candles filled the air and I was greeted by Janina & Felipe, two of the nicest and most calming people you could ever meet. I took my shoes off and left them at the door and I could instantly feel myself ‘calming my farm’.

Janina led me through the centre showing me all the amenities and I passed beautiful walls filled with calm colours and mantras, I knew coming here was going to be good for my soul. She then let me into the float room for an induction and I saw the huge float tank and it was cool beyond words. The changing mood colours and soft music set a beautiful ambience. She talked me through the process and led me to have a shower prior to my float. I was like an excited puppy barely able to hide my eagerness to jump in. Janina explained to me the 1 hour float experience was similar to an 8 hour sleep or a 3 day fast…. Hello sailor! Janina was talking my language!

After my shower I lowered myself into the tank and like magic my body started to float on its own thanks to 700kg of Epsom salt. The water felt warm and the lights and music created a sensual feeling. I laid back as though I was in bed and just floated, the experience was surreal and within minutes I was calm and drifting in and out of slumber and wait for it…. My brain was off! I decided as I am quite claustrophobic I would float with door open and it made no difference to my experience and to be honest on my next visit I will shut the door because it was not scary or intimidating at all.

After 1 hour in the float I showered again, redressed and made my way up to the relaxation room for tea and water. I was literally walking on sunshine.

One of the best things about my visit to The Float Space was meeting Janina one of the owners and hearing her amazing and inspiring story. Janina was suffering from Lyme’s Disease and Chronic Fatigue she was a broken women with no energy and had gone from running triathlons and training for 3 hours a day to barely being able to get out of bed. After trying many different remedies in all corners of the world such as Germany and Thailand she stumbled across floating and has since returned to good health.
Seeing this beautiful woman in front of me with glowing skin, glossy hair and a gorgeous bright smile it’s hard to picture how unwell she was and hearing her story encouraged me to look further into all the amazing things floating is good for such as:

. Anxiety & Depression
. Weight loss
. Arthritis
. Migraines
. Restless Leg Syndrome
. Blood Pressure
. Sleep Disorders
. Stress

This list goes on and on, it’s incredible to read about the ‘power of the pod’ and the amazing healing that floating provides.

I feel very blessed to have been able to do this review and I can’t wait to go back, in fact, so much so I’ve already booked both Mr Tink and I in again on the weekend!

10 points to The Float Space for creating such a special place to unwind and for offering 9am – 9pm opening hours 6 days a week. There is no excuse not to give yourself some time out.

With courtesy from Mrs Tink Blog.

Want to experience what Mrs Tink did? Find out more about floatation or book in your first float now!