It’s now the perfect time to reflect and set your new goals and aspirations for 2017!

Float therapy could be just what you need, whether it be reducing stress and pain, improving sleep and energy levels, optimising mental and physical performance, better quality of life, motivation & general well being. We can’t wait to help you achieve all this and more in the new year!

Join as a Float Space member and don’t let stress stop you from achieving all your New Year’s resolutions!

You deserve this!

Floating 1-2 times a month will reduce stress and stress-related illnesses. 

You don’t know how good your body can actually feel until you are in a zero gravity environment unplugged from the whole world for an hour…

Our Float Memberships help you float on a regular basis and are the best way to get all the benefits at the best prices!

Benefits of becoming a Float Space Member:

  • Want to float more? You can! You only pay $50 for every extra float – that’s $29 savings per float!
  • Can’t use your floats one month? Don’t worry, floats roll over.
  • Want to maximise your float experience with infrared sauna, cryotherapy, massage or BioMat therapy? We make it easy for you by offering you special member rates
  • Want to show someone how awesome floating is? Share your membership with up to two  friends!
  • Floats can be used interchangeably between our Maroochydore and Brisbane West End locations.
  • There is a minimum three months with our memberships (on a direct debit system) for you to be able to see the full benefits that floating will have on your life as the benefits of floating are cumulative and increase every time you float.

Check out our different membership & pricing options and learn more about float benefits HERE.

So if you want to start off the year relaxed, stress and pain free, simply click here to sign up, contact us today, or visit us in store and we’ll help you get set up!

Your decisions today will define your tomorrow. So what are you waiting for?

Make this your best year yet!