Our Floating Journey

About Janina

A former elite athlete in the disciplines of modern pentathlon and Olympic distance triathlons, Janina was born in Bonn, Germany, and raised in Sierra Leone, Niger, Guinea and Ethiopia in Africa, with some time also spent in Wales. Janina obtained a BSc in Health Sciences from Hamburg University of Applied Sciences before moving to Perth in 2008, to work as a project officer at Curtin University’s Faculty of Health Sciences, where she is currently completing a PhD in Health Promotion.

With a strong passion for health and fitness Janina used to exercise at a high level, when early 2012 she suddenly began experiencing health issues such as fatigue in the mornings, an inability to concentrate and blurry vision. Symptoms extended into extreme migraines, gut issues, and over 50 other health symptoms which led Janina to seek the advice of doctors, who consistently advised her that she had a ‘virus’ that would pass.

Janina knew something was seriously wrong when she couldn’t get out of bed one day, and remained bed ridden for the next 3 months battling not just a mysterious illness, but the scepticism of the medical authorities who could find no medical reason for what she was experienced.

Frustrated by the lack of answers, Janina decided to take matters into her own hands and over the next two and half years experimented with a suite of natural medicines and therapies including homeopathy, Chinese medicine, acupuncture, naturopathy, hormone therapy, supplements, chelation therapy, ozone therapy, a complex battery of IV and oral supplements and herbs, and even travelled to Sri Lanka to visit a specialist Ayurvedic clinic, with no real improvement to her health.

It was only when a friend who had experienced similar health issues, suggested she get tested for Lyme disease, that Janina begged her doctor for the test as he initially did not agree to do it. As Australia does not currently recognise Lyme, the test had to be sent to Germany and it returned back positive. The recommendation for treatment was for an aggressive treatment plan of antibiotics, but Janina chose to follow her intuition and decided to devise her own treatment plan. Slowly but surely her health has returned, and she largely attributes a raw vegan diet, detoxification therapies and regular floatation sessions to this.

Due to the health challenges and associated difficulties Janina experienced over the past few years she developed a strong desire to help others in similar circumstances to help them regain their health and vitality. As a former athlete she also understands the importance of fast recovery after training and competitions in order to perform your best. Floating is the perfect therapy for anyone looking to relieve stress, fatigue, pain, sleep issues and many other commonly experienced symptoms and improve health and wellbeing as well as physical and mental performance. By bringing floating to the Sunshine Coast she is confident that she will be able to offer a new and unique tool that will benefit many to effectively address stress, fatigue,  in a variety of ways.

About Felipe

Felipe has had a long career in the hospitality industry as a chef on cruise liners, and at exclusive hotels in London before moving to Perth, Australia in 2007 to work a sous chef for Regency Hyatt, Perth.

He made a switch to sharing his knowledge as a chef lecturer at the Australian College of Applied Education from 2008 to 2010 and fed hungry workers on offshore oil & gas projects from 2010 to 2014. Towards the end of his time working offshore he discovered floating accelerated his recovery time after exercise, relieving muscle fatigue, and healing sprains and injuries incurred from long surf sessions, running, cycling and capoeira (a Brazilian martial art). In addition, he found that floating easily allowed him to reach deep states of relaxation and meditation, both of which he used to struggle to achieve with his regular meditation practice.

Felipe had also developed work-related tendonitis in his wrist from cheffing which did not improve for months and had to take nine months off to have surgery and undergo physio. While the surgery helped to some extent it still did not relieve the pain he was experiencing and only when he started floating a year ago, the pain finally disappeared. Like Janina, he is therefore fulfilling a dream by moving to the Sunshine Coast to establish the float space, the Sunshine Coast’s first and only dedicated floatation centre and is excited about sharing his passion with others.

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