2020 no doubt has been a stressful year beyond compare. The virus, the media, the lock downs, the fires,…The mental toll these events take are extremely stressful.

It’s time to RESET the mind and body to release the stress and empty anxiety.

It’s time to RECLAIM calm and peace in your life.

Join us in our 6-Week Stress Release Transformation Program!

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Stress Release Program

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    Float Therapy is one the best ways in the modern era to completely let go and decompress. Studies have shown that the effects of just one session can leave you feeling less anxious, more relaxed and happier. If you’ve never tried it before, you’re going to love the way you feel after multiple sessions.

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    What if we told you that 3 simple tweaks to your nutrition would help you feel better and be happier all at the same time? What if there was a way to manage 80% of your stress with these simple habit changes? We brought in 6 experts to find the top habits you can implement to feel better FAST. This is guidance for you to achieve and enter the “stress free” zone at will.

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    The best results for a life rid of anxiety is achieved when you are checked in on a daily basis. We’ve built in accountability to remind you to take moments for yourself throughout the day and help sustain the HABITS that will change the way you react to stress in your life. This is guidance for you to achieve and enter the “stress free” zone at will. Your accountability coach is going to be with you every day during the 6 week program.


  • A 60-Minute Float therapy session each week
  • One FREE 30-Minute Infrared Sauna
  • Your own self-reflection journal
  • A personal wellness accountability coach for the entire duration
  • Our “4 Step Guide” to Releasing Stress in 10 minutes or less each day
  • 5 Transformational Exercises designed to maximise your relaxation
  • Your own dedicated float therapy tank throughout the challenge
  • World-Class Online Support Group


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Stress Release Program


Are you qualified to help me release stress?

We have helped thousands of clients reduce stress and anxiety through using floatation therapy. We then worked with 6 experts to put together a step by step program to help you release stress in your life (no matter what the situation). We like to let our results speak for themselves. Please review the testimonials on this page.

Please note that our team does not consist of medical doctors or licensed therapists.

Can I do this if I’m injured?

You should always check with a healthcare professional before trying something new.

Can I do this with a family or a friend?


We have lots of couples that choose to participate in this program together!

We offer discounts for couples who join the program! Contact us to find out more.

Can this be covered by insurance?

At this time, we don’t have an option for insurance,

However, we always work with our clients to make sure that the money is not an issue.

I’m busy, does this program take a lot of time?

You will be doing a floatation therapy session once per week in our wellness center as well as implementing a new stress releasing habit in your life each week. We have designed this program to get you the MOST benefit for the LEAST amount of time invested.

During the consultation, we will work with you to find the time in your schedule for self-care and recovery. Plan to use 2-3 hours per week towards this program.

I’ve tried lots of ways to reduce stress, how is this different?

A massage, yoga session, or occasional walk in the park is usually enough to subside pressure temporarily, but these are one-off solutions that don’t create a full reset for the body and the mind. We’ve put together the full stress release stack. We include accountability, stress release coaching, and weekly floatation therapy to ensure you ACTUALLY get consistent results.

Is this sanitary and safe? (particularly with the virus)

Floatation therapy at our center is entirely sanitary and safe!

Unlike a gym, we do not have hundreds of people walking in each day.

Instead we work with a few clients at each time block and we completely DEEP clean everything in between sessions.

Will this actually help me become stress-free?

There will always be stressors in life. This program will have you implement the best techniques and strategies to reduce the impact of stressful situations on your life. Plus, with a weekly float session you will be resetting your body and mind completely.