What Is BioMat Therapy?

The Amethyst BioMat is a revolutionary healing tool, ideal for anyone interested in improving their overall health and well-being. It helps reduce stress, inflammatory response and toxic insult, while supporting alkaline balance and lymphatic movement.

The BioMat is a FDS-registered Class II medical device, and is a safe way to increase alertness, improve memory skills, remove toxins from your body,and find inner peace.

Enjoy a BioMat session on its own or add it to your float or massage for enhanced benefits!

BioMat Therapy Benefits

Repeated treatments on a BioMat Pro over a period of weeks have been shown to reduce stress and anxiety substantially, and even reduce cortisol levels.

Further benefits of the BioMat include:

  • Reduces stress and fatigue
  • Relieves anxiety and promotes relaxation
  • Improves sleep patterns
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Relieves joint pain and stiffness
  • Assists in purging pesticides, PCBs and heavy metal toxins
  • Eliminates toxins in the body
  • Increases blood circulation
  • Alleviates migraines and tension headaches
  • Reduces allergy symptoms
  • Improves immune system function
  • Improves cardiovascular health
  • Burns calories and controls weight
  • Improves muscle tone and skin quality
  • Rejuvenates skin and cellular renewal function.
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How Does It Work?

The combination of far infrared light, negative ions, and amethyst crystals opens the channels for intelligent cellular communication leading to DNA repair and total body wellness.

The gentle warmth of the BioMat gives you an overall massaging effect,soothing the nerves and muscles and melting away stress and pain.You will feel rejuvenated and renewed in body and mind, allowing true healing to be cultivated.

Amethyst Crystals

Amethyst crystal primarily is used in the BioMat because it converts heat energy into far infrared light very efficiently, due its crystalline structure. It has also long been used in the spiritual healing field, across different cultures, known as Medicine Stone, and referred to as ‘nature’s superconductor’, as it amplifies light waves and ions.

Amethyst soothes the immune system, aids in transmission of neural signals, boosts hormone production, strengthens organs, increases circulation, boosts immune system, cellular renewal & increases metabolism.

Far Infrared Rays (FIR)

Far Infrared Rays (FIR) provide warmth and relaxation similar to the energy that radiates from the sun. When FIR penetrates through the skin to the subcutaneous tissues, it transforms from light energy into heat energy.The BioMat’s FIR penetrate 6 inches deep, not only benefiting muscles on the surface but all cells and tissues, including blood vessels, lymph glands, and nerves in the deepest part of the body.

FIR waves are the most beneficial light waves; they replicate mitochondrial activity, increase circulation & detoxification.

Negative Ions

Negative ions are particles in the air that have an extra electron. They are significant because bodies can be damaged by oxidative stress (free radicals), but these free electrons neutralise oxidising compounds (antioxidants).

The BioMat has a special function that emits negative ions and transforms positive ions to negative ions within the human body. These ions are energising, alkalising & relaxing, enhancing blood purification & vitality. You may also notice benefits of improved mood & alertness due to increased serotonin levels.

What To Expect?

During A BioMat Session

During your BioMat session, you will be fully clothed and lovingly tucked on top of the Biomat in your own private room to enjoy a relaxed state,surrounded by beautiful, soothing music. You may choose to have an eye cover as you relax and absorb powerful yet gentle Far Infrared Rays – energetic, health-supporting frequencies.

After A BioMat Session

Directly after a session, it is important to sit for a few minutes and drink a glass of water while your body sorts through the energetic changes. Over the next few days, you may have more energy or you may also feel a lack of energy. Both are normal. If you feel a lack of energy, it is because your body is cleansing and restoring at deep cellular levels and is using a lot of energy. By drinking plenty of fluids you will assist your body to easily go through the healing process.

Choose From Different BioMat Package Options:

At The Float Space Maroochydore and West End we offer the option to enjoy a BioMat session on its own, or to add this therapy before or after your Float, as well as to integrate it with a Massage to provide profound and cumulative benefits to the body, mind and spirit. BioMat sessions are currently not available at Noosa.

  • Single BioMat
  • $49/SESSION
  • 45 minutes
  • GET it now
  • 3x BioMat Pass
  • $43/ SESSION
  • 3x 45 minutes sessions
  • Valid 6 months
  • Shareable between 3
  • Total $129
  • SAVE $18
  • GET it now
  • Relax & Re-Energise
  • $115 / FLOAT & BIOMAT
  • 60 minute Float
  • 45 minute BioMat
  • Normally $128
  • GET it now
  • 6x BioMat Pass
  • $37/ SESSION
  • 6x 45 minute sessions
  • Valid 6 months
  • Shareable between 3
  • Total $222
  • SAVE $72
  • GET it now

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