The Effect of Access Bars on Anxiety & Depression

The first Access Bars® therapy happened almost thirty years ago. Since then, it has spread throughout the world, and today, there are already over 10,000 Access Bars® facilitators.

Novalease CEO and holistic health advocate, Wheaton Madden, is impressed with the power of Access Bars®. He says,” It feels like deleting unnecessary files in your headspace. These include negative thoughts that hinder sleep, productivity, and healthy relationships. After the therapy, you’ll feel lighter, as if literal baggage was taken off. It’s an excellent complement to anxiety or depression treatment.”

Access Bars treatment

Who Can Benefit from Access Bars® Therapy?

  • People who feel exhausted all day long cannot sleep at night because their minds are overwhelmed with thoughts.
  • People who are constantly adrenaline-high or dog-tired but cannot seem to relax.
  • People who’ve tried yoga, journaling, meditation etc., but still can’t clear their minds.
  • People who’ve been attempting all wellness practices they could find but can’t seem to enjoy long-term results.

What Are Access Bars?

The “Bars” are the 32 points on your head that hold the electromagnetic component of your thoughts, emotions, beliefs, opinions, values, and any other abstract concept of the mind.

In Access Bars® therapy, these points are gently touched using a technique introduced in 1990 by Gary Douglas. It dissolves any solid judgment buried in your subconscious, allowing you to see things from a fresh perspective. As a result, you are able to process information efficiently.

Many negative patterns stem from a deeply buried negative thought. We don’t realise it is there, but it is actually the reason behind many of our decisions.

Research on Access Bars®

A 2015 research by Dr Jeffrey Fannin et al. discovered that the positive neurological effects of Access Bars® therapy are comparable to those enjoyed by trained meditators. And the effects were immediate! 

These findings were supported by a 2017 scientific publication by Dr Terrie Hope, PhD, DNM, CFMW. Her research found that a 90-minute Access Bars® improved anxiety symptoms by 84.7% and depression symptoms by 82.7%.

How Can Access Bars® Therapy Help People with Anxiety and/or Depression?

The most crucial benefit of Access Bars® therapy is probably mental clarity. From there, a person suffering from anxiety and/or can enjoy the following:

Relax and Get Quality Sleep

Sleep quality is better when your mind is not overwhelmed with thoughts. The flow of thoughts is modulated by certain bars on your head. When the body and mind are well-rested, you are less vulnerable to emotional triggers.

For optimal results, complement the Access Bars® Therapy with Float Therapy.

Gives You a Clearer View of Reality

Through this therapy, the negative thoughts clouding your mind will slowly fade. As a result, you will situations are they are—and not as you perceived them to be based on your preconceptions.

Allows You to Enjoy Certain Things Again

As mentioned earlier, Access Bars® Therapy removed any judgment hidden in your subconscious. After the session, you’ll start to see things from a different perspective and find the willingness to give them another try.

Help You Solve Your Own Problems

Access Bars® Therapy will help you see the problematic areas in your life that are causing your anxiety and depression. Finding the roots is the first step to solving a problem. At the same time, you’ll realise that you have the power to help yourself.

Are you looking for a holistic approach to help anxiety and depression? Book a session now at The Float Space.