What Is The Floating Effect?

Floatation therapy has a myriad of amazing health benefits. But have you ever wondered how the simple practice of floating can have such a profound impact on your health and wellbeing? Read on to find out how.

Floating benefits the healing process through 3 key aspects:

1. Epsom salt

The huge amount of Epsom salt (magnesium sulphate) in the float tank acts as an alkalising and detoxifying agent. With over 600kg of Epsom salt in the float tank, its effect is so strong that 1 hour floating is equivalent to a 3 day fast!

2. Zero gravity

The density of the water creates a very unique environment, because when you float, all forces of gravity are removed from our body. Our body is constantly putting a significant amount of energy into resisting gravity. In fact, 80-90% of the brain’s energy goes towards sitting, standing, walking, and keeping your body upright without us barely spending a thought on this. When we float, huge amounts of energy is freed up by your body when you spend an hour in a gravity free environment which the float tank provides.

3. Automatic relaxation response

The perhaps the most beneficial aspect of floating for anyone struggling with a chronic condition is that floating produces a natural biofeedback which initiates a self-regulation process that encourages deep relaxation and healing for the mind and body.

With all external stimuli removed, floating allows your brain to easily shift into a theta brain waive state.

This state profoundly enhances the rejuvenation of the brain and all cells in the body, giving you a chance to truly rest and heal.

According to Dr Justin Feinstein, Director of the Laureate Institute of Brain Research in the US, floating shuts off the amygdala, or ‘ancient brain’, where the fight or flight response originates from.

This doesn’t happen when simply relaxing, meditating or even sleeping, and nowadays is being done through the use of pharmaceutical drugs like anti-depressants such as Ativan, which obviously come with a host of negative side effects whereas floating is perfectly safe and natural

While it might sound like a simple concept in comparison to the super complex treatment protocols out there for adrenal fatigue, fibromyalgia, Lyme disease and other chronic diseases, it could also be the simplicity of this concept what makes floating so effective.

Floatation gives your body a chance to fully focus its energy on mobilising its healing energies, something that is pretty rare under usual conditions.

Floating as a life style

Floating is now a crucial part of Janina’s and Felipe’s, The Float Space founders, life to maintain their health and well-being, something they believe should not be a luxury, but a necessity for everyone.

If you live a stressful busy life, floating gives you the chance to reboot your mind and body, preventing burn out and other chronic health conditions to manifest.

If you struggle with chronic health issues, committing to a regular float practice can accelerate your body’s ability to heal, calming the nervous system and bringing the body back into homeostasis.

For others, such as athletes, business people, professionals and students, floating can help you reach your full potential both mentally and physically.

Intrigued by the versatile application of float therapy, the creation of The Float Space has first and foremost been realising Janina and Felipe’s dream of sharing this incredible therapy with as many people as possible, and raising awareness about the many benefits this safe and natural therapy has for all aspects of our lives.

Passionate and deeply invested in their services, Janina and Felipe are driven by providing others with access to alternative tools so that they can find ways to help themselves and become empowered to shine bright too!

Contact us to find out more how we can help you elevate your health and well-being or book in a float today!