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The Float Space draws on a holistic yet modern view of health, wellness and spirit.

Our aim is to enhance our clients’ quality of life, whether they’ve come to us for overall well-being, to address a mental or physical condition, perform better in sports, or to look and feel younger and healthier.


Why choose The Float Space?

The results achieved from our therapies will help you feel present, reduce the effects of stress, and enhance your day to day activities and routines allowing you to be your best and happiest self.
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Wellness Centre In Brisbane

As we live increasingly busy and stressful lives, more and more of us are looking for ways to relax and rejuvenate.

Located in West End, The Float Space is the newest health and wellness centre Brisbane has available and is the perfect place for you to take a step back from the constant barrage of modern living and immerse yourself in a quiet and tranquil space.

When you visit our wellness centre, Brisbane city dwellers can expect to find a cool and calm sanctuary where you can experience a variety of treatments that are all designed to help you to regain your equilibrium.

Check Out Our Wellbeing Centre In Brisbane

While most spas and health centres offer pretty much the same kind of treatments, we wanted to make The Float Space the kind of urban health and wellness clinic Brisbane people so badly need to combat the stresses of modern day living.

To achieve this, we’ve put together a collection of treatments and experiences that will help you to truly relax both your mind and your body, to restore a feeling of calm and to rejuvenate your senses.

Whether you come to try our Floatation Tanks, our Far Infrared sauna, our Cryo Therapy or you simply want to experience the most relaxing massage you’ve ever had, you’ll find an urban sanctuary like no other at the best wellness clinic Brisbane has to offer.

Get Health & Wellness In Brisbane

Following the success of our Sunshine Coast Wellness Centre, we wanted Brisbane city dwellers to be able to experience the same treatments in our new state-of-the-art health centre in Brisbane.

We’ve put our heart and soul into making it the best health and wellness centre Brisbane has available, and have concentrated on creating an urban oasis amidst the hustle and bustle of city life.

Whether you choose to try floatation therapy, Cryo therapy or you simply want to relax in our Far Infrared sauna, when you visit our centre for wellness Brisbane urbanites will immediately feel the benefits.

Visit Our Wellness Centre In Brisbane?

When it comes to health and wellness Brisbane people know a thing or two about looking after both their body and mind.

Whether you choose the relaxation of meditation, you love how yoga makes you feel, or you’re interested in reiki and other wellbeing treatments, you’ll love exploring the treatments on offer at The Float Space.

We believe we’re offering the kind of health clinic Brisbane people will visit time and time again to experience the feelings of utter bliss and relaxation that can be experienced when you book one of our unique treatments.

The Float Space is the best leading floatation centre in Brisbane. We are offering a wide range of services including Float Therapy in Brisbane, Infrared Saunas in Brisbane and Cryotherapy. Get a free quote online and book yours today!

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Discover Float Therapy

Reset the mind & body.

There are so many benefits to floating that you can see after just one float, but most benefits are seen after routine practice.

With flexible terms plus special perks, our multi-float packages give you maximum benefits at the best value! We also have gift cards.

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Maximise your wellness experience.

At The Float Space we offer a range of services that have been carefully selected to perfectly complement and enhance your float experience. We offer you to combine our effective and powerful therapies for a total reboot of body and mind. Leave feeling refreshed, energised and brand new.

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